New York, NY
August 18, 2019

“Dear Greg,

Once again I owe you a great debt of gratitude. Your efforts on my behalf went far beyond being a cameraman where your skills are a very appreciated commodity.

You will be happy to know that my boss thought the spots you shot in Dallas and Ft. Worth looked terrific.

I made it very clear to him that it was with your help that I was able to be productive in Dallas, despite the fact that I got no support in setting things up in advance. That’s because like me, you’re a team player. You understand what needs to get done and you just don’t stand around with the camera and wait to be told what to do. Your instincts are excellent in anticipating a producer’s needs and your ‘can do’ attitude was a great help to me during some frustrating moments when things looked like they were not coming together.

There is no dollar value I can place on that kind of performance. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Again, many thanks for all your efforts on my behalf.”