Brand One Marketing

Thank you for all the good work on the Centex Homes project. Your shooting and editing guys did an awesome job!

Dick Morris

Sabre, Inc.

We enjoyed most your flexibility and great ideas! I really enjoyed working with your team of professionals who were always willing to jump in with expert suggestions, producing high quality results! We will continue to use you for projects to come.

Carolyn Crosby

Comcast Media Sales


I wanted to thank you again for all your help on the look-live remote. You did an awesome, awesome job.

Kym Redmond

The Burton Agency

Relaxed people. Always a very high quality product. Of the numerous videos we’ve produced with Eyecon, I am extremely proud of the quality of every single one of them. The feedback that we receive on the videos has always been very positive.

Valorie Burton



I just received a copy of the commercial and was blown away by it. It looks really great. Thank you for doing such a great job. The ad is very effective. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks a lot.


dawson duncan

Thought we should let you know that the AFB advocacy video won an ASPC Masters Communication Award. Thank you for your hard work on this. We’re glad to have you as a partner!

Michelle Ordeneaux Jones

Gloria Novak

We wish to tell you how much we appreciate the outstanding and expert service received at Eyecon. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful work with my DVD. It is great! It has exceeded our expectations in every way. We look forward to an ongoing and productive relationship with your company.

Thank you, again, for your time and effort.

Gloria Novak


Just to let you know the training class was a success and the video was fabulous! Thank you for helping me with this project and I look forward to working with you all again some day. You even helped someone in this office who has always wanted to be a radio announcer fulfill his dream!


Thanks again!

Kimmy Wagstaff


I just received the new YMCA promo :15 from Eyecon and it is incredible. They turned it around in less than 48 hours, and you will not believe the quality. Those guys are truly amazing. With the Image Plus campaign we got involved with some other production companies out of necessity due to the extreme volume of work involved, but we were quickly reminded that no local production companies come close to Eyecon in terms of overall quality, timeliness and value. I probably know more about production than anyone in sales at our two stations (granted, which isn’t saying much) and I could not think any more highly of the work that those guys turn out of that shop. Sorry to whip you with a teary-eyed promo email for Eyecon, but I wanted to give you this feedback so you know how important it is to some of your salespeople to have them on our team.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have appreciated working with you this year. You run a pure class operation, and I consider you the best in the business – no question! Eyecon rules! Thanks for helping me and all of my clients. YOU ARE THE MAN!

David was incredible. He did it from home over the weekend! David’s work was exceptional once again and the footage was beautiful. They love the spot.

I just received the new YMCA promo :15 from Eyecon and it is incredible. They turned it around in less than 48 hours, and you will not believe the quality. Those guys are truly amazing. With the Image Plus campaign we got involved with some other production companies out of necessity due to the extreme volume of work involved, but we were quickly reminded that no local production companies come close to Eyecon in terms of overall quality, timeliness and value. I probably know more about production than anyone in sales at our two stations (granted, which isn’t saying much) and I could not think any more highly of the work that those guys turn out of that shop. Sorry to whip you with a teary-eyed promo email for Eyecon, but I wanted to give you this feedback so you know how important it is to some of your salespeople to have them on our team.


I just had a chance to see the footage and I just want to let you know how thoroughly impressed I am with it. It looks so clean, and there’s so much movement. I’m just very happy with it and I wanted to thank you. The client absolutely loved it. Just brilliant work once again. I’m not at all surprised because that’s all you do. It’s just a pleasure to not have to worry about you taking care of my clients. Not only that, but I’m always confident that it will be the best quality possible. Thank you very much!

Ben Rogers
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


(The client) and the agency are VERY pleased and had nothing but great things to say. They are new to television therefore this is a new experience for them. Greg and David, they said you did an awesome job (went above and beyond) and enjoyed working with you…expect more future business from their agency.


According to them, we by far stand out above the rest. So thanks to all for making my job easier, for satisfying my client, and for helping me make this possible

Alicia Tugwell
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Great job on the OT Lawyers spots – they look awesome! As always, I appreciate your professionalism and talent. You the Man!

Mike Caley CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! The special looks MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all do better and better each year! …you did some great transitions and moves that look outstanding!



Sondra Hawkins
Executive Producer
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


We want to especially thank Eyecon Video’s production and post production expertise; the creativity level on this project was as high as it could be, and the final product is something we can ALL be proud of…. You are all Superstars!

Bob Chochola
Executive Producer
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Just a heads up, Eyecon was able to work a wonderful deal with us on the production of the Newsmakers so we have outsourced the entire project to them. I know this is good news for you as your department is quite busy, to say the least. We have come to expect the same fantastic quality from Greg and David (at Eyecon Video) that we do internally, which is the highest compliment I can think of.

Anyway, we’re thrilled to have them on board with this.

Ben Rogers
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


WHEW! Me too! I tell you these Eyecon guys are golden!

Sondra Hawkins
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Just got a call from Ware and they absolutely loved the Newsmaker. LOVED IT! Your work was 2nd to none as usual. Not to mention the ultra quick turn-around.

Another home run from Eyecon Video. You guys are truly the best in town. Thank you!

Ben Rogers
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


You are very timely. Your projections on completions were on the mark.

Marcia L. Harris-Daniel
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


(Liked your) eagerness to help, the professionalism, the experience.

Jackie Thornton
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Everything worked out lovely. I appreciate you guys for all your help. Ron, you made me look pretty damn good. Thanks for sure.

Rance Adams


(Enjoyed most) the friendliness of all staff. Created and organized projects in timely manner.

Mika Chalk
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Greg you are a lot of fun and very dependable.

Ami Edge
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)


Thanks for all the excellent work as usual. You guys make my life so much easier.

Ben Rogers
CBS-11 (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

Tornado Master

Really appreciate the job you guys did. Appreciate your professionalism throughout this whole project. Thank you, Greg. It looks great!

Bill Stegeman

McNab Media

Hi Greg ~

Just want say a sincere “thank you!” for Saturday’s gig. Nigel is a delight to work with and everything went off without a hitch. Our client is a very happy camper!

I will be pleased to recommend your company to anyone who wants a first-class professional video team.

Gotta love that.

Bruce McNab

ACE Network

Thank you so much for the smooth and professional shoot at ACEP. Your production presence was professional and courteous. You set up the shoot in a room that was difficult to shoot in and made it look easy. Your use of lighting was excellent . I will gladly recommend your services to my colleagues.

Thank you. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again.


The Video is awesome, and I love the additions.

Kathy Wood

Sabre, Inc.

I used the new Day of Travel Services vertical video yesterday in Chicago in front of two groups of 35 travel agency owners / managers. The message and timing were excellent as I was running short of time in my presentation and would never have been able to get that much information conveyed in such a short period.

Thank you Eyecon Video!

Eddie Cash

Walt Disney Company



The shoot went fine. Tracy was REALLY GREAT!


You guys did a great job. I’m really looking forward to seeing the video. I think it’s really going to be a nice one. So thanks for all of your help.

Steve Martin
Birds of the Wild/Flights of Wonder
State Fair of Texas/Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Final product is great.   Nice work!  I’m sure the kids will love it.

Chris Branscome


Rod thought you did a very professional job and looks forward to working with you again in the future.

You did a fabulous job. Thanks for the terrific work!

The Dallas School of Music

We are all very impressed with Eyecon Video Productions and look forward to future collaborations with your company on this monumental project. Once again, thank you for your time and efforts to accommodate us throughout this process.v

David Ploof


Everyone representing Eyecon was very professional and I thank you for your service.

Erin Hallenburg

Texas Motor Speedway

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication this weekend!  The teamwork was awesome!  

It was a pleasure to get to work with each one of you.  I had a great time getting to know you.  I cannot wait to see the footage, especially the final product!

Get some rest and have a great week.

Ellen Stallcup

Eleanor Latimer


We are very pleased with the video. We are looking for a training video next. Thanks for all your excellent work!

Eleanor Latimer

HPHS Reunion Committee

You did a great job with the video! You went over and beyond our expectations! Great job!

TGI Friday’s

I personally appreciate your friendliness and speed of service. We look forward to dealing with your company in the future.

David Olivieri

Marlowe-Pugnetti Company

The video looked great, Greg. Thanks again for your support.

Brian Pugnetti


Beautiful job editing, lighting camerawork. I can’t remember ever doing a project that required so little of my involvement. Thanks for the pleasure of working with you.

Vicki Grant

Doc Galligher

Very professional, Greg! Ron and I were very impressed the way you put that shoot together last night.

Doc Galligher

Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau


Thank you for a wonderful job, look forward to seeing the video. Let me know if you need anything else!


Meredith Kennemer Sales & Services

Oscar Einzig Exhibitor Services

I wish I could use you all over the country, you guys are a class act.

Mark Bailey

Kirk and Associates


Dear Greg,

Your newsletter was impressive. Congratulations on the success of Eyecon Video. The way you handled [our account] is a perfect example of why your business is flourishing. I really appreciate your understanding and professionalism. I look forward to working with you in the future. Of course I will refer anyone needing video services to Eyecon Video.


“Dear Greg,

It is always a pleasure working with you. It is nice to know there are people out there who care as much about their customers as we do ours… the listener. I also wanted to thank you for all your hard work on KISS Party. As usual everything looked great!!! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again!!”

EmCare, Inc.

Greg, I cannot thank you enough. The video went over beautifully, it looked fantastic on the big screen, and there were plenty of tears!  Over and over, we heard what a quality video it was and a few of the execs asked for your company info for future projects!

Everyone who has seen it so far has been wowed, including our CEO. It had one of our senior managers in tears!!!

From start to finish, this had been a wonderful project to work on.  I hope to manage the project next year, but whatever happens, I will recommend Eyecon when anyone asks me for a top-notch producer.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help and a beautiful job!!!

Peter Chantilis – Attorney at Law

Dear Greg, Thank you for the professional manner in which you conduct your business.

American Airlines Federal Credit Union

Thanks for your efforts once again. Hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future!


Ogilvy Public Relations

It all worked out great and Ron and Jim were great. Thank you for everything. The footage we got was great and you are right – there are NO whiners 🙂 …..

Just wanted to let you know that everything today went wonderfully. Everyone there was just wonderful! Thanks again. I really appreciate it!

Debbie Fitzgerald

Collin County

It has been great working with you and I hope we can work together again in the future. I also want to say that appreciate the professionalism of both you and your crew.  I work with a lot of vendors and it is refreshing to see people who are excited by the job they perform and actually care about how the finished product will look.  Many vendors do just enough to get their paycheck and that’s it.   Thanks again, everything looks great !!!

Matt Dobeka

Brooke Buie

Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed working with you and your crew on the Furniture 4 Less shoot. I’ve seen the commercial several times and it looks FABULOUS!!! People weren’t kidding when they said it looks like a Weir’s commercial! The camera angles, the lighting, EVERYTHING looks so good. Anyway, hope you have a great day and thanks again. Hopefully we’ll be working together again really soon.

Brooke Buie

HQ Global Workplaces

Thank YOU and everyone there for all of your hard work!!! It was a great experience and the hard work was well worth it. Everyone was absolutely wonderful. I also appreciate that you and Susan as well as Greg were very open to the changes we suggested.

Hope to see you soon. Take care.

Wendy Serpan



Thanks for the professional work. The people at FedEx are very anxious to see is as well.

Thanks again!

Brandon Gale AMPC President

The Expo Group

Thanks so much for the videos!

Mary Walter

Miller Public Relations

The video is FANTASTIC. I loved it.


Cyndi Miller

Westwood College

Your team did a wonderful job on the shooting and I look forward to working with you again as our needs arise in Dallas.

Rebecca Newman


Once again you have done a great job. The (file) size is perfect and the quality is fantastic! Great job.

Lance Parker

Ebby Halliday

Dear Greg,

You may be sure when we have video need, you will get a call… and indeed we’ll be happy to tell others how pleased we were with your work.

Sales Consultants International

I just wanted to say “thank you” for working with us. Our company survived a disastrous 2002 year and is prospering in 2003 thanks to people like you. We appreciate YOU!!

Anne Fredericks

BLT Landscape

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I think it looks great!

Larry Brinkley

Caltex Petroleum Corporation

Dear Greg,


We just reviewed the excellent video you prepared for the launch of the Lubricants Marketing Action Team’s Initiative. I was impressed by the video’s effectiveness, the creativity and technical expertise exhibited, and the information you were able to include in a brief format. It is an excellent showcase for this very powerful work.

Thank you for the professionalism you have shown, not only in this video but also in the Caltex Video Magazine.

David J. Law-Smith Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

HQ Global Workplaces

Everyone just LOVES the video. They were all EXTREMELY impressed! Thanks for making us look good! You and your team are awesome!

Karen Sebastian

DeWitt Marketing

The response is great and everyone loves (the video)!

Karen Wilkerson

Producer, CBS News Advertising and Promotion

“Dear Greg,

Once again I owe you a great debt of gratitude. Your efforts on my behalf went far beyond being a cameraman where your skills are a very appreciated commodity.

You will be happy to know that my boss thought the spots you shot in Dallas and Ft. Worth looked terrific.

I made it very clear to him that it was with your help that I was able to be productive in Dallas, despite the fact that I got no support in setting things up in advance. That’s because like me, you’re a team player. You understand what needs to get done and you just don’t stand around with the camera and wait to be told what to do. Your instincts are excellent in anticipating a producer’s needs and your ‘can do’ attitude was a great help to me during some frustrating moments when things looked like they were not coming together.

There is no dollar value I can place on that kind of performance. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Again, many thanks for all your efforts on my behalf.”

Hal Glicksman New York, NY


Stephanie our field producer was so pleased.  She only had great things to say.  The footage looked great and we are using quite a bit for our first show.  Thanks for all of the help.  

Malissa Strong

Media Visions

My client was very impressed with your crew. He said they did a great job. Thank you again. I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.

Best Regards

John Michaels

Pam Wren

Thank you for a superior product. I so much appreciate your creative attention and the really excellent result.

Pam Wren

Volkswagen of America

I wanted to thank you once again. Everything went well and the shooter was great…Once again, thank you so much. If I ever need a videographer again in the Dallas area, I’ll give you a call!

David Smith

The Everything Agency

I’m writing to say thanks. You helped my wife and Half Price Books with their (shoot). She was impressed and said everything went much better than it had during their previous shoot. It’s great what professionalism adds to the equation. She also mentioned your company was quite busy. Congratulations, that is not the standard situation these days.

Scott Hadden Writer/Producer/Director

Brent Wingert



Big Hit! Please pass on to David that the speech went superbly. It was a blast. With your help, I believe I truly differentiated myself from the others. Everyone asked how I did it, where I did it, who helped me do it. Great job.

Just wanted to let you know and thank you again.

Brent Wingert

American Heart Association / Emergency Cardiovascular Care Programs


Just wanted to drop you a note and say ‘WOW’! The new CD-ROM on the ECC textbooks look great! This item really helps move us into the next century, and keeps us up with technology. The volunteers and Community Training Centers will be very impressed (as I am!).

Thanks for putting out such a professional and timely product.

Kevin Sorge ECC District Manager Northeast/Mid-Atlantic


You guys did an awesome job. Thanks so much!

Author Yee


Hi Greg – it was really great working with you guys – first rate professionals. Again, Greg, working with you was absolutely painfree, thanks so much.


Centex Home Equity


Many thanks for all of your hard work with the video portion of our San Francisco trip! You did a fantastic job and I had a great time working with you!

Thanks again!

Wendi Stewart

Cavalier Pictures

I want to thank you…for our shoot in Dallas. It worked out great. Geoff was excellent to work with and we will certainly call you again should we be down there in the future.

If we ever hear of other producers here in Detroit who have upcoming shoots in Dallas and are looking for local crew/gear, we will certainly recommend you.

Thanks again for making our job easier…

Andy Vance


Greg, Enjoyed working with you guys. We’re all very pleased with the spots.




David has taken care of me and thanks for all your services and getting it done by the deadline.

Thank you!




The UCD campaign is going FANTASTIC! Berri said that everyone has commented on how awesome the commercial is and their response has been fantastic. The incredible feedback and relay that the quality and creativity of the commercial done by Eyecon is a major contributing factor to the success. You and David always go above and beyond!

Thanks again Greg for EVERYTHING! Hopefully we will have several more projects this year.

J.D. Power and Associates

Everything went fine. We got some very good interviews and dealership footage. Thanks again for your help. Many thanks to you and Ron!

Henry Hirsch

UPN 21

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work. Thanks again to you and David both.

Gene Lightfoot Account Executive

SP Systems

Margaret and I wanted to thank you all for a fantastic day of effort. From the fabulous production crew who worked diligently in the background, to the excellent direction of the scenes and testimonial outcomes — it all came together quite flawlessly. Then, if you add in the fun and cooperative nature of the group, it just made it that much more enjoyable.


GE Service Center

Thanks for your help – the video is absolutely wonderful.

Carter Blood Care

I was very pleased with the production company we used – Eyecon Video Productions. They were very professional, timely and were great to work with. Thanks for everything!

Suzy Miller

SP Systems

Team – Way to go! Everyone did an outstanding job today. Thanks so much for your tremendous work. I’m confident we will have an outstanding final product because of you.


Final Cut Pro HD Apple Certified Trainer

Your guys were far above most people I deal with, including many old-timers, so I think you are in great shape.

Russ Coffman, ACT, ACTC

Dolphin Blue

The personal touch and responsiveness of Eyecon is outstanding. Greg and David really seem to care about the concerns and issues that are most important to me, the customer. They seem to understand the needs of a small business like mine

Tom Kemper

Syngress Media

… We just finished watching the videos and we couldn’t be happier. They look fantastic – thanks!…

…Also, thanks again for the flexibility and the quick work with this project. Hope to work with you again.

Julie Smalley

dawson duncan

Just had a conversation with Lowell regarding last nights’ event. He was indicating to me that everything went perfect and went off without a hitch. I appreciate all the efforts put forth, I know you guys have been busy. It meant a lot me especially when everything comes across as well as they did. Just want to let you know that much of that glory is due entirely up to your efforts and they are much appreciated.

Thanks again for everything,

Norris Murray

Allstate Insurance Company


Thanks! Ya’ll did a great job last time, looking forward to working with you again!

Hey Greg, great job with the video production. Your cameraman and sound guy did such fantastic work. We all really go to know these guys well and they were wonderful to work with.

We hope to work with you again in the future. Again, great job!


Brent Rippy

Koch Industries, Inc.


I would like to thank you for your promptness and the excellent customer service that Koch received on 1/20. The short notice that was given seemed to be a problem for the other Video Production houses that I contacted. Some of them didn’t return my calls until days later. I was pleasantly surprised that you were willing to take on the shoot with short notice and that your people (Greg Coon) were very courteous and helpful. I am very pleased with all aspects of your service and will be using your services in the Dallas area for any future needs Koch might have.

Mark Wise