The Summit Creative Awards were created to celebrate the creative accomplishments of smaller creative agencies throughout the world. The Awards are open to advertising agencies and creative companies with annual billings of less than $15 million.

Each year advertising agencies and creative companies around the world earn $450 million creating video, sound, and print campaigns for everything from a Superbowl commercial to a bench at the local bus stop. Some of these ad campaigns enter our collective consciousness during prime time, becoming part of our culture and changing our understanding and our language forever. Most fuel the “meat and potatoes” economy of the world, small business, political campaigns, regional products. However, most national and international awards go to large agencies, with huge campaigns.and huge budgets.

The Summit Creative Awards is the only competition of its kind. It was created to recognize exceptional work by advertising agencies, video production companies, multimedia firms and other creative groups with annual billings of $15 million or less.

The Summit Creative Awards is designed to give creative firms with billings up to $15 million international recognition among their peers. The Awards, which began in 1994, have grown consistently over the years, with this year’s competition receiving a record number of entries, more than 3,000, with participation from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

The Summit Creative Awards is committed to helping our award winners obtain the recognition they deserve beyond the initial competition. The Awards conducts their own media campaign and provides press releases to inform industry media of the results of each year’s competition. In addition, the Awards provides winners with media assistance and media packets to help promote their achievements. Partnering with ABC Television and Dakota Films, The Summit Creative Awards provided our 2001 video entrants with an opportunity to submit commercial show reels to ABC’s highly rated prime-time series “The Best Commercials You’ve Never Seen (and some you have).”

In addition to our annual Awards competition, The Summit Creative Awards has grown into a clearinghouse for smaller creative firms. Our website includes a regularly updated page of industry news and links for education, associations, and resources designed to serve our entrants and the larger industry.

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